How to Use a Horse Cock Anal For Pleasure

Horse Cock Anal A horse cock dildo is a large sex toy designed for masturbation or during sexual encounters, designed to enter your G spot and stimulate clitoris glands for pleasure that can lead to orgasms. They come in all sorts of sizes, colors and materials such as hard or soft materials and come with vibrators or motors for an intense experience – some even contain medical grade silicone for an extra soft sensation!

Before using your horse cock dildo, it’s important to ensure there is sufficient natural lubrication present. You can achieve this through light masturbation or pornographic videos online; if this doesn’t do the trick, artificial lubricants that are safe for dildo use might also work well.

As soon as you insert your dildo, try engaging in slow back-and-forth motions to feel good and prepare yourself for harder thrusts. Rotating it around to hit both G and A spots more thoroughly may also prove useful.

Some people enjoy the tingly sensation of soft dildos and love rubbing them across their body, while a hard horse cock dildo can provide more satisfaction by inserting it into your vaginal passage and applying pressure or thrusting; women particularly find this practice pleasurable since this area contains many nerves and blood vessels.

Giulianacabrazia Anal – Sexologa Ana Lombardia y Sexologa Ana Lombardia

Anal sexolgoy, often considered an illegal form of heterosexualism, has long been explored across cultures. While its practice can often prove rewarding for most men and women alike, over time it has acquired negative connotations and become shrouded in secrecy and mystery.

Studies indicate that it was also common in prehistoric heterosexual cultures as a method for attaining better water play. Today, some men and women from each sexual group (around 10-20%) feel comfortable enough with enjoying an anal pleasure.

Ana Lombardia, a psychologist and sexologa, states there is no ideal position for practicing anal, each person choosing what posture most appeals to them based on their individual tastes, stories, and preferences.

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