Anal August – Make Sure You’re Using the Right Lube

Anal August

No matter your experience level when it comes to anal play, finding the right lube is key to enjoying an anal game with your partner or simply feeling relaxed during an encounter. Intimate Earth offers excellent natural options in their anal lube products! This one may just be what’s necessary.

As there can be an anal pleasure stigma associated with it, many find it difficult to discuss anal pleasure openly. Yet anal sex is just as sexual as any other type of sex – from penetrative acts (also known as pegging) to playing around the opening (known as “pegging”)! Whatever feels good to both partners should be pursued!

The anus is an excellent spot to induce orgasms due to its abundance of sensitive nerve endings. Furthermore, it connects directly with G-spot (which can give orgasms in certain circumstances) and prostate (which could give orgasms as well if you have penis!).

HER, the lesbian dating app, declared August Anal Month to break down taboos and promote sexual health and exploration. Their survey discovered that Gen Z are most enthusiastic anal lovers; however, all ages can enjoy anal pleasure; just make sure you both share an equal understanding with safe boundaries and communication rules in place between partners.

Lydia Loves Anal Creampies

Lydia Loves Anal Creampies

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Giuliana Cabrazia Anal

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