How to Palpate a Mare Anal

Mare Anal A mare’s uterus (or oviduct) is the primary sex organ of its species, producing hormones and serving as the repository for semen during natural breeding. This long and winding tube transports sperm directly to its target ovary where they can be fertilized.

An estrous cycle in mares determines when they become sexually receptive to a stallion and physically prepares her for conception, via hormones such as melatonin, gonadotropin releasing hormone, and luteinizing hormone.

Veterinarians will first analyze a mare’s perineal conformation, or how her rectum and vulva align. A mare with an improper perineal alignment could contaminate her vagina with fecal matter when lying down, as well as increasing risk for injury or rectal prolapse.

To palpate a mare, the veterinarian inserts a lubricated arm into her rectum and feels her cervix, uterus and ovaries for their sizes and characteristics. They may also inspect its width, length and softness. Experts can examine a woman’s uterus for its size, location, and presence of pregnancy; and evaluate her ovaries to assess size, structure and tone; if the ovaries appear enlarged or abnormal they can be biopsied to identify any pathologie present. If there is any doubt as to the results of a biopsied sample, a repeat biopsy can be performed for confirmation. Your vet can also take a swab from the ovary in order to perform endometrial cytology; an excellent way to evaluate uterine health and receptivity.

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