All Those Anal Vids

Porn Studio One-Upmanship and Mainsteam Interest have combined in recent decades to elevate what was once just a fringe interest into mainstream culture. Now there are entire websites devoted solely to anal porn, as well as plenty more that feature larger anal scenes alongside more conventional butt porn.

What kind of anal porn can I find on the Internet? You’ll find everything from young virgins being sexually aroused by long dicks to mature mommy whores who fuck both holes of their husbands in one go; but which anal sex tubes are worth subscribing to? In general, any anal porn filmed professionally would qualify.

Porn stars typically enter adult industry after years of personal anal experimentation and personal anal enactments, such as Joanna Angel’s revelation that she first specialized in anal porn after “a decade of learning how to perform with my own dick.” But even experts know hardcore anal shooting can be hard on the body; thus they take extra steps when shooting scenes such as Hendrix did — taking breaks between scenes or doing an equivalent to Kegels when their asses become unstable or tightened up.