Anal Masturbator Tips

Anus areas are highly sensitive, making them great targets for stimulation with appropriate toys. Many anal masturbators come equipped with openings for stimulation in this region of the anus so users can indulge in their backdoor fantasies.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that an anus is delicate and easily injured with rough play. Therefore, it is wise to always use plenty of lubrication when using an anal masturbator for the first time; anus doesn’t naturally self-lubricate like vagina, so using high quality water-based lube suitable for sex toys – The Butters Lube is one such product suitable for silicone, glass and even latex toys as well.

Anal masturbation can be an enjoyable and satisfying experience for beginners as well as experienced masturbaters alike. Beginners may start off slowly by starting out with just one finger or the butthole opening before slowly increasing to bigger toys or fingers as their confidence grows. Relax your muscles first to maximize sensations and pleasure from anal masturbation!

Sanitizing anal toys and tools with non-abrasive soap and warm water before and after each use is highly recommended, while boiling or UV-C sterilization of shared anal items reduces risk of infections or diseases.