Anal Stroker – The Ultimate Masturbation Toy

An anal stroker is a popular masturbatory toy, yet there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to these masculine masturbation tools. In general terms, a stroker consists of a soft interior designed for penetration and stroking of an anal area and may be motorized or manually used with another person’s tongue for solo or partner play; and should always be used lubricated for maximum physical and psychological satisfaction.

Though anyone can use a stroker, they’re particularly helpful for people struggling with anal masturbation or having masturbatory blockages. “Using such a device provides men with the experience of stroking, touching and penetrating their anals without the embarrassment of doing it publicly,” according to Cam.

A good stroker should be comfortable to wear and easy to keep clean, so look for one made with skin-safe materials and featuring easy cleaning features. In addition, have an effective lubricant on hand; pure silicone-based ones may damage TPE materials – opt for water-based or hybrid alternatives instead.

For an extra thrill, Cam suggests considering a stroker with vibrating capabilities. “These can be intense,” she notes, and some even feature internal ribbing or textures to increase sensation and intensity. For something with more action look for masturbatory sleeves with open chambers or canals that enclose only part of your penis at once.