Dinosaur Anal Vore

Story takes place long after Jurassic World at a new park, where all dinosaurs are treated the same despite wanting to escape their cages and roam freely through the jungle. Herbivores seem peaceful while carnivores see humans as potential threats and are constantly distressed. Owen isn’t always successful with training his dinosaurs to conform as expected by him.

He gazed upon a massive Tyrannosaurus with its head lifted high, emitting an unnervingly loud roar that could shatter glass, realising his chances of survival were slim to none; that Tyrannosaurus would surely consume him as food.

Rudy was eating his beloved teddy bear when he saw a new dino entering his den and started shaking with fear. Momma dino noticed and nuzzled Rudy reassuring him everything would be okay and she wouldn’t eat him!

Dinosaur Anal Vore Vore is a sexual fantasy where prey are eaten by predators or other animals – soft vore (anal vore) or harder (digestion) – often with real and fictional species such as dinosaurs being consumed in this way. Popular in both furry communities as well as more intimate genres like anal cumming and unbirth, vore fans typically fantasize about being eaten by their furry predator, while there is overlap with anal fetishes like anal cumming (soft cumming), or having their poop eaten out (unbirth). Soft Smothering refers to being consumed this way and it involves real and fictional species (both real or fictional).