Dinosaur Anal Vore

Dinosaur Anal Vore

Unfortunately, you come to understand a painful truth – there’s no escape route from here. Any attempts you make at fleeing through his oesophageal sphincter will only end in failure as this enormous sauropod will not allow it. He will insist that you give him what he desires: feeding it food while giving up his freedom as his sphincter begs him for more in return.

Millions of gallons of blood coursing through his massive body is all around you, pulsing from his heart’s beating like a river and feeding its nutrients directly to his organs – reaching untold territories you will likely never fully understand or comprehend.

Inside his mouth, his oesophageal drool pours down in a salt-coated mess, staining any trace of you that remains. As his tongue rises higher to taste your sweet fleshy remains, he groaned in delight as his tongue lashed the roof of his mouth licking his cathedral-like roof and tasting you.

As your gaze descends below his expansive gut, in his pelvic region you notice an unexpected bump – perhaps caused by something in their pelvis region – but you recognize it for what it is: hiding his penis that dwarfs your own.

Once again, this is no joke; rather it is part of the sinister plan devised by this massive dinosaur to capture you and devour you alive. At first it might seem harmless enough, with you telling yourself it will end once he has enough meat on your bones but when his teeth start grinding against the inside of your throat there can only be one conclusion: He won’t let go easily and won’t release you easily again when his time has come to do battle with you.