Ghetto Gaggers Anal Soup

Ghetto Gaggers Anal Soup is a website offering face fucking sessions by black whores. There’s also scratch, twat, and hardcore double penetration action – watch previews on this page before becoming a member for access to all content! Watch free previews then become a member if you want full access!

At any community with standards, a website depicting Black women being abused, degraded and even raped would be considered offensive and should be punished accordingly; yet due to being a pornography website it goes unpunished despite extreme violence seen in these videos that makes me wonder whether they qualify as fetishes; white racists slapping Black women like slaves while beating them to simulate slavery while forcing them into performing oral sex until they vomit or simulating rape are far from acceptable to most middle America people who expect norms from society in general.

Why haven’t the Skrong Independent Ejumukated Black Feminists who claim to represent sistas spoken out against this situation? Probably out of fear of offending either their White husbands or girlfriends?