Glass Anal Beads

Glass Anal Beads are sexual toys designed to stimulate the anus and its erogenous zone. Similar to dildos, anal beads typically feature soft yet less rigid materials like silicone, TPE or glass; making them suitable for solo play as well as couples play. Pulling on these anal beads at various speeds provides intense pleasure – great way to introduce beginners into anal play!

As soon as you insert anal beads, it’s essential that you ensure you are comfortable. Take some deep breaths prior to inserting and lie in whatever position feels most natural to you; often this means lying on one’s back or side. Make sure there’s enough lube available and don’t force the beads too far inwards; counting each use may also be beneficial as strings have been known to snap during intense rectal movements.

Beads can be used in multiples that gradually increase in size on a cord, or they can be formed into one solid piece for more intense stimulation. Beginners should begin with smaller beads gradually increasing in size before progressing to larger vibrating options. It is also recommended that anal beads are cleaned after each use using warm water and soap or an approved toy cleaner product.

Glass anal beads are generally crafted from non-porous borosilicate material that’s safe for your anus. You can heat or cool these beads, creating temperature play experiences. Plus, there are both vibrating and non-vibrating models to explore temperature play!