Good Vibrations – Anal August

Anal August

Anal August is a time to recognize all forms of butt play. This kink can be great fun for both partners, with plenty of nerve endings within and outside the anus that can be stimulated with light finger play, pegging, masturbation or masturbation for maximum pleasure. Anal sex makes an excellent introduction or addition to sexual experiences of all kinds!

No matter your level of anal play experience, education and comfort are both key elements. Good Vibrations offers plenty of anal pleasure tips, tricks and information that will make anal pleasure safe, satisfying, and pleasurable!

From anal penetration tips and foreplay advice to finding an excellent anal plug, this article offers all of the advice necessary to making anale play an exciting experience!

1.Anal Sex Can Be Messy Engaging in anal sex can be messy. People may experience issues during penetration such as bleeding, sloshing of lube and pain; to help manage these risks you should use plenty of lube when starting with small toys such as rings or slimmer plugs and make sure the anus stays hydrated by drinking lots of water; additionally if experiencing problems consult a physician to ensure nothing serious exists and try using CBD Oil or Vitamin E after anal play to soothe irritation and soothe any irritation/comfort associated with play.