How Does Anal Cow Girl Poop?

Anal Cow Girl Poop

Article from WH Stronger

After having an intimate encounter, your stool might look different or be looser at first; but over time this should return to normal. Furthermore, it’s important to remember that if any pain arises or your stool contains blood or you have trouble passing, seek medical advice immediately.

Poop is typically stored in your colon, a six-foot-long muscular tube connecting your small intestine to anus, according to Cleveland Clinic research. Stool passes out of this mass movement through your rectum periodically – giving rise to feelings that you need to poop. Thus, oral sex (anal sex with your mouth) tends to be safe when performed using proper technique and only sucking on areas near anus and not deeper penetration where waste may collect in anal canals or canals themselves – though more depth may lead to traps in these two organs!