How to Prevent Anal Cow Girl Poop

Pooping during anal play isn’t uncommon, but can be unpleasant and messy. Thankfully, there are ways you can reduce its likelihood as well as ensure it proceeds smoothly if it does occur.

First and foremost, it’s important to realize that poop doesn’t just accumulate in the anal canal all of the time; however, the rectum (the straight part of the digestive tract before the anus) does move through your colon and out the anus when penetration takes place – typically once or twice each day depending on your regularity and schedule of bowel movements – triggering urges for you to poop.

As it can be difficult to predict how your body will respond during anal sex, it’s best to wait until you are certain of having a successful bowel movement before engaging in anal play.

Maintaining a regular bowel movement schedule, eating plenty of fiber and drinking ample amounts of water are also effective in aiding regularity of bowel movements. You could try products designed to firm stools but these may leave you feeling gassy after playing anal play.