Stunning Athletes Anal Audition Veronica

Anal Veronica isn’t content with simply being good; her naughty side comes out in every scene. Veronica always prioritizes pleasing herself before any lucky gentleman. From hitting on college boys or exacting revenge sex against an unfaithful partner, Veronica always delivers.

Paula Marshall plays Ms. James, Veronica’s guidance counselor. At first she dislikes her greatly but is eventually persuaded otherwise after Keith convinces her otherwise by providing information about Veronica to him. Later Veronica discovers Ms. James is not who she seems and may actually have had past criminal involvement;

Aaron Ashmore plays Troy Vandegraff, an old childhood acquaintance of Duncan who betrays Veronica early in the series. Troy attempts to bring steroids across the border illegally through her intervention but fails. Later he reappears again in season two where he rapes a girl before being arrested by Keith via tip from Clarence Wiedman.

Kari Coleman played Deborah Hauser, a divorced sex education teacher teaching at Neptune High. When Lianne Mars spread a false story about one of her friends to Deborah, it spread quickly among students including Veronica.

Ryan Hansen played Richard “Dick” Casablancas, an 09er friend of Logan who is known for being both womanizing and an ex-high school bully turned frat boy. While initially appearing only occasionally throughout Season One, Richard “Dick” Casablancas became an ongoing character by Season Two.