The Dinosaur Anal Vore

Dinosaur Anal Vore

About this Article As its stomping becomes more intense, you can feel its rhythmic thump deep within the bones of your body. A roaring sound breaks through the din of your heartbeat as air passes through this leviathan’s immense lungs; their soft organs pulsate like jet engines to draw in tons of air before sending it rushing back out again with whooshing sounds that echo throughout its immense frame.

As you stare into the large bowl, it becomes apparent that this living creature appears larger than our entire planet. You realize you’re no longer in an ordinary trough or sink – instead you are living within its world! Its weight dwarfs your own.

Although fear-inducing, you remain calm and composed, refusing to panic or crumble under this impending doom. With careful observation of its anatomy and shape, you deduce that this creature must be some kind of gigantic herbivorous dinosaur.

Staring into its unfathomably large pink gap of its mouth, you feel a breeze pass your skin as its jaw opens wide to reveal an ocean of saliva. At once you hear an eruption of wind as this incredible beast inhales with gusto; an incredible torrent of wind blasting air directly into its nostrils.