The Official First Anal 2023

Are You Experiencing Anal for the First Time 2023

Are You Afraid of Experience Anal Sex 2023 Now may be an ideal time to take your P-spot pleasure one step further by trying anal. As we strive towards destigmatizing anal sex, preparing yourself ahead of time to ensure a safe, pleasurable, and enjoyable first experience is vital for a good first anal experience!

Relaxation, lubrication and communication are the three key components to successful anal play. Therefore, having an open and honest dialogue about anal play with your partner before engaging in any anal play activity is critical in setting expectations around speed, depth and intensity as well as addressing any concerns or potential threats to safety.

Before engaging in any anal sex activity, it’s essential to acquire all necessary toys and lubricants. We suggest picking up the smooth stainless steel Njoy Pure Plug as it has quickly become one of our top sellers! Featuring its tapered head for maximum sensation as well as Bow-Motion Technology which ensures vibrations spread evenly along its tail for the ultimate orgasm experience.