Tips For Whippedcreamy Anal

Whippedcreamy Anal: Intimidating Anus At first, an anal stimulation experience is usually exciting and enjoyable for women – she may enjoy oral sex, Greek kisses, and the sensation when their partner starts placing their fingers inside their anus – but for the best possible experience there are a few tricks you can try to help her adjust and make it even better:

One of the key tips is for her to relax – stress or fear can prevent anal from opening as it should, while fingers should be introduced slowly; otherwise, if a woman senses her anus opening too rapidly she could become nervous and close it down quickly again.

Lube is essential when it comes to anal play. Lube helps the sex toy glide smoothly, which is especially crucial when considering sensitive anus’ needs an additional sliding sensation. Without using lube, her anus could become sore and inflamed – not something any seasoned anal player wants!