Undertale Anal Vore

Undertale is an amazing game. It takes an old formula and reinvents it into something fresh and new, surprising even players familiar with Final Fantasy, EarthBound or other turn-based RPGs like Final Fantasy or EarthBound. Undertale’s world is rich with choices: you can flirt with or kill skeletons; save or destroy everyone in search of Sans and Papyrus (the game’s equivalent of Beavis and Butt-head); or kill everyone while searching for Sans and Papyrus (the game’s version of Beavis and Butt-head). Whatever decisions you make will have lasting repercussions throughout all future runs that might happen later. Your decisions linger; their effects will reverberate through time – they won’t just affect future runs you might make in terms of play through history – your choices have an impactful ripple that affect all future runs you make on future runs that you make!

Undertale fandom includes a subset dedicated to anal vore. Anal vore refers to sexual fantasies in which one imagines themselves becoming predatory animals and devouring smaller creatures through their butthole while they are still alive – an image search is done regularly to locate images depicting these scenarios, while some even hire artists specifically for this task. This group of fans often commission artists for this form of artwork depicting these fantasies for them.

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