What is an Anal Cone?

Anal Cone

Although its name might sound unusual, an anal cone is actually an integral part of anatomy. You’ll typically find this bulb-shaped structure on the test of most Diadematidae sea urchins–it seems to serve no obvious function!

Sea cucumbers possess unique anal teeth that provide defense against pearlfish and other commensals that might try to inhabit its cloaca, although most other echinoderms possess far simpler anal defenses.

An anal plugs are sexual toys used to stimulate sexual play in the anus. Their shape typically resembles that of a cone; starting narrow and widening towards its base before narrowing back out again. Unlike dildos, an anal plug doesn’t go in very deep so can be removed quickly after use.

Jessica O’Reilly, an authority in sex and relationship matters, claims the key to successful anal play lies in relaxation. To engage an anus toy properly, its toy should be slowly moved along its circling muscles until engaging it properly. For optimal results when inserting plugs for the first time, take slow deep breaths while also lightly bearing down on sphincter muscles as insertion takes place – this will help relieve pelvic floor tensions.

Are You New to Anal Play? The team behind maude offers an anal play set designed specifically for beginners that includes two plugs – one small and one medium with vibrational capabilities – to help get started with anal play. They recommend starting off small before progressing up to larger options once comfortable with inserting.