Anal Masturbator

Anal Masturbator

Masturbating your anus can feel incredible – and can lead to some of the most exhilarating orgasms ever experienced! But anal masturbation should only be attempted when one is well prepared; otherwise it may cause distress to oneself and others. Before beginning masturbation for any purpose it’s vital that all necessary precautions have been taken before beginning this experience.

An Anal Masturbator

An anal masturbator engages in autoeroticism involving stimulation to the anus and rectum region through manual stimulation or inserting objects or fingers, using methods like manual stimulation or inserting objects or fingers into them. Since anus does not naturally contain lubricants for optimal comfort, a good quality anal lubricant must be used to ensure maximum results.

Licking fingers or toys for added lubrication is also an option, although this may lead to discomfort or irritation. Furthermore, anal masturbation should be avoided if urinary tract infections are a risk; switching between anal and vaginal play should also be done with care, since switching back and forth could introduce bacteria from one source into your vaginal space, leading to infections there too!

As a beginner, start slowly by inserting just one or two fingers into the anal opening; gradually work up to larger butt plugs or dildos as you become comfortable. And don’t forget about using a condom if hygiene concerns arise; also take steps to regularly clean your toys!

Before beginning anal masturbation, it is advisable to practice some relaxation techniques in order to achieve an appropriate mental and physical state for anal masturbation. Breathing in for eight counts before holding for four seconds before exhaling to seven counts will help calm you before getting underway.