Lacylubaby Anal Review

Lacylubaby Anal is an anal massager designed to make exploring the anus and prostate extremely pleasurable, providing an enjoyable way to introduce anal play to both partners or people unable to use their vagina or vulva during their period. Because any activity involving anus can result in messy situations, be sure to use plenty of lubricant prior to engaging with this type of sex; not everyone enjoys exploring this aspect of sex!

It is no coincidence that the anus contains numerous nerve endings that connect directly with the genital area; therefore it should come as no surprise that anal stimulation is so frequently reported as causing orgasms among all age and gender groups. People have reported orgasms during anal sex more than other kinds of sexual activities!

Experimenting with new things in the bedroom is an excellent way to keep things exciting in your relationship, even after years. While there are various methods available such as bondage kits or vibrator butt plugs, anal sex is one of the easiest and most effective. Plus it gives couples an excuse to explore more taboo aspects of sex!