Preparing For Your First Anal 2023

Even for people who consider themselves open-minded about sexual encounters, anal penetration may still seem intimidating and scary. Perhaps because it represents the final sexual frontier and thus seems overwhelming.

Notably, when done right anal can be very enjoyable; all it requires is some preparation, an enthusiastic partner and patience from both partners involved. While there’s no single solution for anal preparations, here are a few expert recommendations:

Before initiating an anal play session, it’s essential that your cock is in top condition – this means grooming, cleaning and using an appropriate lube such as silk or silicone lube for anal play. According to licensed psychotherapist and sex therapist Vanessa Marin in San Francisco, silk or silicone lubes tend to work best because they’re durable yet easier to clean up after use than water-based options; additionally you could keep baby wipes handy for quick post-booty call cleanups!

Always wear condoms (or rings) during anal sex to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and HPV. If you’re not in a monogamous relationship, take preventative medication like PrEP for STIs that is 98% effective at reducing transmission risks – 98% reduction!