Undertale Anal Vore

Flowey gives off an evil smile as he lifts you to his sphincter, opening and closing to allow him to squish your head before laughing maniacally while blowing your nose with deadly farts.

Vore (or vorarephilia) is an intense sexual fascination centered on being consumed for sexual pleasure. This form of power exchange, with roots in both masochism and sadism, draws its appeal from people’s desire for being eaten – sometimes externally by predators; other times internally by sliding down throat to belly cavity. Many vore fans also engage in belly expansion or feedingism practices as additional forms of enjoyment – both can provide endless gratification!

Vore porn can take many forms, from anime characters eating each other to enormous, terrifying dragons devouring entire villages. People unfamiliar with it might dismiss it as something offbeat or strangely sexual; in reality it serves a variety of functions both sexual and nonsexual for people alike. Many fans support their favorite creators via Patreon where they gain early access to content before it hits mainstream sites like PornHub; such patrons include Karbo, RooK13, Aesir and QuinnCrystal among others.