Anality Purple Bitch

Now that naked bodies are no longer shocking, watching cosplay anal porn is almost a normal part of daily life – much to Purple Bitch’s fame and fan base worldwide for her unique blend of camming with hardcore anal penetration. Lana Rain, Sia Siberia and Hidori Rose also provide similarly intense double penetration experiences using beads, plugs or even glass dildos – so Purple Bitch stands out among many cosplay girls offering double penetration experiences!

Los Angeles–Combining aspects of cosplaying, anal queenship and ass-kickery into her 25-year-old performer persona known as Purple Bitch has long made an impression at Los Angeles nightclubs and anal queen shows. Donning neon wigs and colored contacts while sporting outfits inspired by Japanese manga characters she commands the stage with ease. Russian superstar Sergey Karasev has created an intense formula that has cemented his place on Adult Empire’s best-selling video-on-demand charts over the last year. “Our list is typically comprised of established stars, so it’s quite impressive that Purple Bitch has quickly established herself on our list,” according to AE VOD account manager Wayne Greene. Greene credits Purple Bitch’s consistent release schedule, appealing cover images and signature ahegao (Japanese for O-face; which can include rolling eyes or crossed lips) with her rapid rise to prominence.