Andrea Abeli Anal

Andrea Abeli Anal is an acclaimed model, cosplayer and social media influencer from Romania. She boasts an enormous following on Instagram and two films under her belt; born 19 January 1984 in Caracal she attended non-public schools as well as university of Bucharest to complete her schooling and acting preparing at National Theatre before residing in Miami to pursue her demonstrating career.

She is currently dating Jason Luv, an entertainer and wellness model. They have been together for quite some time. In their free time they enjoy participating in cosplay and traveling together; both enjoy eating healthy food together as well as picnics.

Andrea stands 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 65 kg, with light brown hair and dark eyes that captivate her fans. Her sensuous figure draws many to her Instagram account where she regularly shares images and recordings, as well as onlyfans where she provides premium photos and videos for fans; misskirroyal is her username there.